Traktori 24 k.s.

The tractor is a universal one, a silskogospodarskiy transport system, which builds up the whole robot from the processing of the earth and not only. The design of the tractor can be installed on the basis of a fixed property. Tractor, yak base, є only with a tractor, in rare cases through the hydraulic system to be guided into the ruins of a part of the external possession.

It is most likely to be possessed by the hierarchy of the hydraulic system, so that it is allowed to be omitted, or else to be possessed. A tractor can be oversaturated from a box to a box with attachments to the installation.

Mini tractor 24 k.s.

A 24-force tractor is the golden mean, which is easy to fit into the robot on the smallest and middle days. You need to whistle all the way to clean the important land and the richness of the big possession. All tractors from the whole category may have diesel engines with an electric starter. The diesel engine and gearbox with low gears make it ideal for robots on the ground.

The advantage of tractors is also a small amount of salvage, and even more positively I am adding to my good luck. Also, the managers of the versatility of the external possession of the tractor can be victorious in the garden, in the field and in the communal government. And if the hairstyle is obvious, you can also transport the overall fittings. For example, when buying a Dongfeng 244 DHL tractor, you will need a tighter tractor with a 3-cylinder engine. The Danish tractor can easily fit in with the effortless robot, and once again allow the driver to navigate on the loosened earth.

The size of the robot on such a tractor is not tired, but a great effort is allowed to shred the earth more easily and more easily.

Buy a mini tractor 24 ks.

At the Motolux Ve store you can buy a tractor inexpensively by pulling 24 kinsky seals. In the middle of our assortment, you will definitely be able to pick up a good friend. All presented tractors may be warranted, as well as undergo pre-sale training. Before a new tractor with us, you can also find a lot of available and spare parts.

At our service center, it is possible to bring your old tractor to the ideal working camp. We have a good delivery throughout the whole territory of Ukraine, since we didn’t live.